New (Wo)Man Pt. 3: Remember to Update!

November 13th, 2017 admin

Now back to me. I realized that my month was so mentally turbulent because I was not taking in the word as much as I should have been. Read more…


Hey guys!  I hope everyone has been well since the last post.  Is it me or did October fly by like whoa!  Not only did October fly by quickly, because it seemed like so much was going on, but for me it was a very mentally taxing month.  So I have a small confession that I’ll share in this blog.  It’s nothing anyone can blackmail me with. LOL! But just something that I want to share to express the importance of what I’ve been blogging about. That would be the practical side of making sure that you are doing what you should to have the mind of Christ.

Anyone who has an iPhone, or any Apple device, is quite familiar with the updates that they send to your phone all the time.  It seems like they send updates almost every week.  At times I get annoyed because it seems like I’m always doing an update and find that I feel like I’m always asking myself, “Didn’t I just do an update a few days ago? Dang!  Why do I have to do the same thing again so soon?”

Based on Apple’s explanation, of why they give so many updates, it is because they are continuously offering hundreds of new features on iOS for their devices.   Among of host of other things, the updates are supposed to cause Siri, Apple’s intelligent personal assisstant, to be more proactive and intelligent.  The camera is improved for better pictures and augmented reality is improved as well.

It is very important to update your device to improve the performance and keep it in a flow.  Technological experts warn that Apple users should not ignore updating their devices because if they do they are compromising the security of the device.  I know that sometimes when Apple sends out updates it may have a glitch in it, where a subsequent update is sent out that will fix the glitch.  Because of this some people hate updating all the time.  However, the glitch from Apple will not harm your device.  Whereas if you fail to update your device with the latest version it could wind up with all kinds of malware, memory corruption flaws or even be hacked.  So to not the run that risk, it is better to just download and install the continuous updates.

Likewise our minds work similarly.  We are instructed by Paul in Ephesians 4:23 “to be renewed in the spirit of our minds.”  This process of renewing our minds needs to take place even more often than Apple’s updates.  It needs to be done daily.  Why?  Because our mind is where the battle begins and rages daily with our thoughts.  If we are not daily taking in the word bit by bit, we will not be able to discern the attacks of Satan.  He will hack your mind and plant all kinds of mental malware that will cause memory corruption of God’s precious word that keeps you at peace.

The word “spirit” that Paul uses in this passage is pnuema.  Pnuema itself is broken down into pneo, literally meaning “to blow” and is used primarily in reference to the wind. The “ma” ending refers to the result of the action of the verb pneo; air set in motion. In Greek philosophy, the meaning pnuema evolved. One of the meanings it took on is a formative power within a living being which produced a mature individual; the governing force within a person. So what can we say about the spirit of our mind? We can say it is the human spirit, our inspiration, what causes us to think and behave as we do.  Paul instructs us to be made new in the “spirit of our minds”, which is the work of the Holy Spirit.  We no longer think and live from our old self, but by the Spirit.  It is the power of the Holy Spirit that should now govern us and mature us in Christ.

The word renewed ananeóō means to complete an intense process of a higher level of sanctification.  But specifically to this text only, it means “make new in relation to time”.  Believers are reminded of God’s continuous offer to bring new strides in their sanctification through “sanctified reasoning” – raising the meaning up to new levels of spiritual comprehension and reality.  This particular meaning connects to Romans 12:2 where Paul tells believers to “not be conformed to this age.”  Our minds should be renewed for the age to come; the age of living with our Savior eternally in perfect unbroken relationship as we did before sin.

Now back to me. I realized that my month was so mentally turbulent because I was not taking in the word as much as much as I should have been.  I don’t mean that had I been perfect in my meditation on the word that no attacks would have come my way.  But I would have been able to sift through them a little more easily.  I was still praying.  But I wasn’t reading my word as much to renew my mind.  I failed at updating my system daily.  I did not download and install God’s precious promises daily within me. So like an Apple device that had not been updated, I had been hacked and was infested with all kinds of mental malware. My personal assistant’s voice, the Holy Spirt, was drowned out by the lies of the enemy.  My reality seemed far from being augmented—more so diminished, which caused my mind’s camera to take pictures of a negatively imposed reality the enemy was trying to have me accept as my present and future.  But I thank God I finally realized that I needed to get back on my game, by getting back in my word, to get me back on track.  So I can say that my November has started off much better than what my October ended.  Moral of the story.  Renew your mind daily with the word of God and allow the Holy Spirit to keep you at peace. Until next time.  Peace and God’s abundant blessings y’all.

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