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January 14th, 2018 admin

We need His thoughts to know His will.  Read more…


Hey everyone!  We are into the New Year and off to a new start!  I hope that everyone’s New Year has been starting well.  In advance, I would like to say, I pray that this year will have an awesome ending for everyone.  So my mantra that I’ve taken for myself, for not only the New Year, but for the rest of my life is, “New mind!  New me! New Life!  No excuses! No matter what! Let’s go! Let’s get it!”  Kind of long— I know.  Hahaha!  But hey!  It works for me.

Of course with the New Year having come, and even before we entered it, so many of us have been contemplating on what direction our life should take.  Searching and asking ourselves what do we need to be doing.  Some of us are trying to figure out who should be in our life and who does not need to go into the next season of our life with us.  All of these are heavy questions and our peace depends much on the right answers to them as well as the proper guidance to walk out the answers that have been given.  This is something that our God is the authoritative expert in.  He will definitely let us know the best for us if we allow Him to.  He is eager to show us the best way in life for each of us.  

I’ve been doing a phone fast from Tuesdays –Thursdays since the first week of December.  My reasons for this are to increase my intimacy with God and gain clarity for the direction my life is taking.  I talk to Him only on those days and no one else—unless its business.  It has really been a blessing.  Doing this fast brought the last part of Romans 12:2 to my mind. “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”  For us to completely discern His perfect will for our lives we have to have His mind renewed in us continually because He is always unfolding to us bits and pieces of His tailor made plan for each of us throughout our lives.  We need His thoughts to know His will.  Hence the reason my mantra is what it is.

When we look at this text we can see that there are three fundamental elements that will help define and give clarity to the will of God for each of us; it must be good, acceptable and perfect.  So what does that mean regarding these three attributes?

Well first, whatever we are pondering, whether it is something circumstantial or any kind of relational engagement with person, we need to ask God’s opinion on the matter, and wait for a clear word on what to do and how to go about doing it. Many times we can pray and go along with feelings, thinking that something is for us and it’s not.  It looks right, feels right and seems right.  But it may very well not be right.  This is why Paul says by “testing you may discern the will of God.”   The definition for the word test in this text does not focus on disproving something, but is done to demonstrate what is good, showing it passes the necessary test. God is not one to force His will on us.  Nor does He seek to get a kick out of proving something wrong to us. He wants the best for us.  So anything we bring before Him, asking for wisdom, He will just reveal whether or not it is the best regarding His plan for us.

While we are taking an account of whatever we are considering the quality of good needs to be seen in it.  In this verse, good means morally honorable, pleasing to God and therefore beneficial. Christians are to prove it, which means if we seek God and follow His counsel regarding the thing we are considering we will see whether or not it is good and if it will bring us any kind of benefit as opposed to disgrace and disgust.

When it comes to the second characteristic of testing to see if what we are considering is well-pleasing, we don’t have to guess or scrutinize too much further if God has already revealed that it is good.  The characteristic of well-pleasing is merely a result of something being good. Anytime something in scripture is pleasing to God, He has already pronounced it as good. Every time He fashioned something in the creation in Genesis, He called it good because it pleased Him (Gen. 1).  When something is not good to God it displeases Him and He automatically begins to work on whatever or whoever it is until He sees it as good and it becomes pleasing (Jer. 18).  For our personal lives we determine whether or not we allow Him to carry out this process in us.

This brings us to the third characteristic of testing; whether or not something is perfect. Perfect in the context of this verse means mature; consummated from going through the necessary stages to reach the end-goal, developed by fulfilling the necessary process (spiritual journey).  The word perfect concerning the will of God in our life is not just so much about what we are considering as much as it is about us.  If we have not allowed the Holy Spirit to work in us to make us good and well-pleasing to Him, which would lead to us being perfect, we will have a very difficult time discerning what’s best for us.  We are typically drawn to certain situations and people based on our level of maturity.  The only way we see that we need change and become drawn to God is by revelation He gives to each of us personally (Jn. 6:44).  He shows us, draws us and then we decide whether or not we want to go through the process or not.  When we allow Him to make us perfect and new by our minds being changed, we will automatically want what is good, well-pleasing and perfect.

So I challenge everyone to take anything that you have been considering before God and ask Him to show you whether or not it is pleasing to Him for your life. Whatever it is ask and you will definitely receive an answer.  He is a “Good Good Father”.  His Will is perfect, well-pleasing and good because He is!  He will give us all the answers we need.  Until next time! Peace guys.






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