The creation of this blog would not have been possible without the assistance, support and guidance of certain people that God strategically placed in my life to help me bring this to fruition. They graciously extended themselves in ways they did not have to. I believe that it would not have been the same without their love and support.

To Ms. MaryEllen Collier, thank you so much for your encouragement, prayers, wisdom and financial support.  I’m grateful for the friendship that God has birthed between us.

To Rennae Ralph, my home girl and partner in ministry, thank you as well for all of your support, prayers, mental stimulation, financial support.

To Melonie Manning-Butler, my home girl who designed my blog and coached me through the process. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And Thank you! And Thank you again for all of your love, support, talent and time that you did not have to give, but did!

To Emmanuel St. Cloud, my homie, thank you for your encouragement, prayers, love and mental gymnastics, friendship, time and talent.  I’ve never looked so good in pictures before.  I look forward to our future projects. You know we have more work to do!

Thank you to everyone, friends, family, professors who have over the years believed in me and encouraged me to share my thoughts through writing.

Thank you Tiffany Ellis-McCourty and Evelyna Lauire-Del Valle for being second eye as my editors.  I love guys.

Thank you Mommy for all of the prayer you have offered to God on my behalf. You pray over all that I do.  You start praying for things to happen in my life before I even know about them.  Not one of your prayers has returned void, and I don’t believe ones that you have not seen the answer to yet will return void either!

Saving the best for last, thank you Lord for choosing me to be a light in this world for you and to use me in a way that I would have never thought I could be used. You have loved me unconditionally through all of my mess and brought me to this place in my journey with you for such a time as this!  You are not finished with me yet.  I am in your hands.  I love you and You love me more.  I will do all that you have for me to do for you!