Horror Vacui: Void Fillers

December 27th, 2018 Adia Taliaferro

Hello friends! It has been some time since I last posted.  Had to take break from blogging for a bit to finish some other projects.  However, I am back at it.  I hope everyone has been well.  I’ve missed writing for you guys.  And I hope you’ve missed me 😉.

I want to share some of my meditation on Genesis 1:2.

When we look at the Genesis account the literal translation from the Hebrew “without form and void” gives us a picture of terror and chaos before God formed the earth. Everything about its appearance related that it was not good.  The feelings that projected from it were repulsive and unpleasant.  The original language describes the earth as a place of literal waste, desolation, formlessness, confusion and worthlessness.

In the eye of sinful man, typically we would want to avoid anything that is in such a state.  Humans are not naturally drawn to places of desolation. But God is opposite to the nature of sinful man. His universe was not made to have voids. Whenever He sees a void, He feels the need and the obligation to fill it with His goodness. Where He sees chaos and confusion, He brings order. Where there is terror, He brings peace. Because He is the fullness of everything, He must fill.

“In physics there is a law called “horror vacui, or plenism. It is commonly stated as “’Nature abhors a vacuum’”. It is a postulate attributed to Aristotle, who articulated a belief, later criticized by the atomism of Epicurus and Lucretius, that nature contains no vacuums because the denser surrounding material continuum would immediately fill the rarity of an incipient void.”

In my glorified imagination, I believe that Christ as Creator and the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world, decided to throw an object lesson into the Genesis account to forecast His work of salvation.  Though Adam and Eve were perfect before the fall He still formed and fashioned their lives from something that had once been of full of chaos, darkness and terror just like He does with us when we give Him our lives.  He redeems us from the horror of sin and fills the voids of our soul with His love.

As God restores His image in us and we begin to live as He has called us to, we are to be naturally drawn to voided places because of restored nature in Him. We are being made in the image of God are to do the same thing. He has made us to fill voids and bring order to chaos and confusion. He has made us good and to host His goodness so that it follows us wherever we go (Psalm 23:6).   We are to take goodness wherever it is needed.

Have you ever had one of those mornings when you wake up and you may feel like nothing is happening in your life?  It seems like nothing is taking place. There may be chaos and disorder in your life. Your life may not be what you want it to be. You may have some fearful feelings because things seem void. This is the importance of speaking God’s affirming word over life. When we do it we are doing what God did in the beginning. No matter how you may feel you are to speak the truth of God over yourself.  God did not let the feelings of terror deter Him from speaking other than what He wanted the earth to be.  Neither should we let our feelings and the appearance of things deter us from speaking what we want.

When God saw that the water and earth was without form, He automatically wanted to make changes. He was drawn to it to change it. This why when there are things that bother us, we automatically want to make changes needed. It is ungodly to see disorder and not want to do anything about it.  We are to speak what needs to happen then complete the process with our hands as God did. He began forming the world with His words and finished it by creating us with His hands—the crowning act of creation. It was a process. Everything was not completed immediately.  When He said let there be light, all the terror did not immediately banish. He spoke again and then more things formed and He called it good. He did it over a period of six days.  Bit by bit there was no more confusion and chaos.  Only order.

When things need to happen, speak what needs to be done then do what needs to be done. You are made in the image of God.  But remember. It’s not immediate. It is a process. Be patient while you work your goodness.

Peace and God’s Abundant Blessings,




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