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July 15th, 2017 admin

I’m really taken by what God has been showing me recently about restoring His divine image in us.  God spoke to me about His image being reflected in us. Take a peek . . .

Good day everyone. I am happy to be able to share my thoughts with you again. I’m really taken by what God has been showing me recently about restoring His divine image in us. I over the years I have developed an appreciation for astronomy and love looking at the stars and the moon. While reading about lunar eclipses not long ago. God spoke to me about His image being reflected in us.  Lunar eclipses occur when Earth’s shadow blocks the sun’s light, which otherwise reflects off the moon.

He led me back to one of the verses we have been talking about. Colossians 3:10, “And have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge after the image of its creator.” I decided to look up the definition of image in the Greek and this is what I found. Eikṓn – properly, “mirror-like representation,” referring to what is very close in resemblance; a “high-definition” projection; exactly reflects its source what it directly corresponds to; is more than a “shadow.” 

While reading about lunar eclipses and having looked up the definition of “image,” I saw that both touched on shadow and reflections. So I decided to research the laws of a shadow and a reflection.

What I learned was really neat. When we see the shadow of something, the light that is causing us to see the outline of the object is obstructed by the opaque object. The light hits the object, but it is not transparent so it is not able to shine through. The opaque nature of the object is blocking the light. So the image of the shadow is cast on the ground because the object deflects the light instead of absorbing it. What we see is a dark outline of the image the light was hitting. This is not an accurate depiction of the image.

But, any object that is clear and has a smooth plane has nothing that causes any obstruction to light. It absorbs the details of the image that the light is being cast on. This is what causes a reflection.

When we have sin in our lives people cannot see much of Christ. Sin is the opaque nature of humanity.   Sin blocks Christ from being seen in us when we entertain it. But when we surrender and let go of the sin God has called us to give up, we allow ourselves to become transparent and let Christ shine through us by absorbing the light of His life. People will be able to see him in us. We will have his reflection instead of only shadowing who He is. Others will see details of his character of His reflection in us instead of only an outline of what he may possibly look like in a shadow.  In reading about shadow and reflection I came across the meaning of translucent. Translucency occurs when an object allows light to partially pass through. The light is scattered when it hits the surface of a translucent object and partially passes through. This allows the image to be seen partially with some details but not all.   The image is fuzzy and unclear.   This can happen in us when we have Christ but we are still holding onto things that He wants us to completely let go of. People may be able to see a little bit of Him in us, but not as much as they could if we completely surrender.

How many of us can identify with this partial surrender syndrome. I know I definitely can.  Partiality is what gets us in trouble. We’re lukewarm as Revelation 3:15-16 describes.

“I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were either cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.”

I’ll do things that are godly like praying for people, helping them, using my gifts (as I see fit), and telling God that I want to do His will. Yet I will hold on to the very things He will tell me to let go of so that he can have complete control of me. I am soooooooooooo guilty. I have a Ph.D and Post Doctorate in Partial Surrender, from the prestigious University of Self. Well I just recently decided I’m not going use those degrees any longer. They were a waste of my time, and yes money at times. So I got rid of them. God is doing a new thing in me that I can’t wait to see the fruit of in myself. I believe with all of my heart that He is going to get every bit of glory out of me that He wants because of me choosing to surrender.

My prayers have changed in what I ask for people to see in me. I went from asking ,“Lord let people see your anointing” to “Lord let them see me as godly.” Now, I am asking “Let them see You in me. None of Adia’s works. Only you and only your works.” No more partiality here. No more shadows or scattered light. Full transparency.

Let us surrender to completely reflect the image of Christ and not obstruct or scatter His light from shining through us completely.




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  • I am soooooooooo elated for you Adia! First, awesome blog!! Second, AWESOMMMMEE BLOG!! God, release Your glory upon my sister. May her blogs evangelize to every heart. In Jesus Name, Amen!

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